Bringing knowledge and education, through playful projects, assisting in the social and intellectual development of our children.


Raheembooks Publishers arises in search of better future for children through the objective education for all.

Specialist in Children’s Book

The children's book, one of the most important links between the child and the imaginary world. It is an indispensable factor in the development of creativity , reasoning and language of human beings. Unfortunately , not all children have the opportunity to experience this magic , either socio-economic or even geographic location issues.

At this point it becomes evident the value segment of the door-to-door with your salespeople traveling to Brazil to take culture, fantasy and dreams to all children.

Within this context, Editora Vale das Letras specializes in creating collections of books that can be marketed at affordable prices, without sacrificing a rich and consistent content.

Your goal is to minimize the gentrification of children's book, so that maximum families can have contact with this vast universe of joy and knowledge. This is a constantly expanding market that demands new all the time.

Aware of this reality, Editora Vale das Letras invests intensively in launches and innovations in its product line in order to attract and maintain the interest of children, encouraging them healthy habit of reading.